As the world continues to globalize, more Christians are moving internationally. Whether through the military, diplomacy, international corporations or ministry, the number of families in global transition who are followers of Christ Jesus continues to rise.

The children of these families are affected by this global and transient lifestyle in unique ways. They are richly blessed with a global worldview and cultural understanding. However, they face deep challenges. Third Culture Kids, as they are called, often struggle with their identity, mixed loyalties, belonging, unresolved grief and loss, culture shock, and much more.

Truth4TCKs was founded by Third Culture Kids themselves – those who see the deep need for community and biblical encouragement that is curated for their unique experience. This is a ministry founded by TCKs, for TCKs. We provide virtual and visual content to empower young Christian TCKs through biblical truth and faithful community. 
Truth4TCKs relies on your donations and the fees of attendance to our annual conference to keep us going. Your donations help support the work our ministry undertakes: 

Monthly TCK Talks, offered free of charge to attendees

Annual Truth4TCKs conference 

Covering the costs of speakers 

Covering the cost of a private, online conference platform

Covering the cost of various digital tools used to reach TCKs where they are, across the globe

“Thank you” gift cards to team members and volunteers

– As of 2022, no donation will be used to pay the salary of any team leader, member or volunteer – 

You can donate by buying a ticket to our conference, or contact us below for other donations!